Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In motion by Jason

I have grouped these into like effects for easier comparison, below are tripod shots.

#1 Portage Ave. cruise night. f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1.3s  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

#2 Assiniboine Park,  f/29  Shutter Speed: 1/5  ISO 200  Focal Length: 34mm

#3 The Forks sk8 park,  f/9  Shutter Speed: 1/13  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

The "zoom" effect.

#4 Assiniboine Park English Garden,  f/25  Shutter Speed: 1/3  ISO 200  Focal Length: 24mm

The Pan effect.

#5 Provencher Blvd, f/5.3  Shutter Speed: 1/6  ISO 800  Focal Length: 18mm

#6 Assiniboine Park #2,  f/22  Shutter Speed: 1/8  ISO 200  Focal Length: 18mm

My personal fave, camera shake.

#7 Esplanade Riel,  f/9  Shutter Speed: 1s  ISO 200  Focal Length: 26mm

#8 The lights on Broadway,  f/29  Shutter Speed: 2s  ISO 200  Focal Length: 18mm


  1. I like this collection of photos overall. I wish a couple of them had more vibrant colours...like the sk8 park one and the light painting on Broadway. Would a higher ISO allowed you to play more with shutterspeed & fstop & exposure?

    I don't know if I can pick a favourite...my top 3 are: the bus, the people walking and the light painting.

  2. I'm very impressed with your work, Jason! My absolute favorite is #8 hands down. I would hang that photo in my house! My next favorite is #1. It's so vibrant and fun to look at.

    I agree with Corina...some of the photos would be more interesting if they had more vibrant colors. I actually have the saturation on my camera set at +2 in Manual mode so the colors pop a bit more. I guess that's all personal preference!

  3. See...I didn't even know you could do that Lise. I love learning new things. I'm going to check out our camera later tonight and make sure I can change the saturation too. Thanks for the tip! xo

  4. I just figured that out a few weeks ago myself. I haven't adjusted mine yet, but since I always seem to want to increase the saturation of my photos after the fact, it's certainly something I've been meaning to try doing too.

    My favourite of the bunch is the bus. The colours are striking.

    My least favourite are #3 and #6 (the bikers). Just not that much interesting happening in the photos.

    What are those two streaks of red light in the sky in #1?

  5. #8 is also my favorite, I had another one on Broadway as well that I liked but choose this one instead. I like the fact that even though it is a photograph it is completely abstract.

    I wanted to do have a cross section of different techniques showing motion that's why we see #6 is my least favorite as well. It does however do what it was intended to i.e. a clear image amongst the blurs.

    Mike, I have no idea what the red streaks in the sky are. Some sort of reflection... a ghost image of some sort. They are a big reason i chose this photo.