Sunday, September 9, 2012

reflections by corina

1. Royal Lake f/22.0 Shutter Speed 1/250 ISO 200 Focal Length 26mm

2. Royal Lake f/16.0 Shutter Speed 1/100 ISO 200 Focal Length 36mm

If you look closely you may see the moon reflection in the deep blue of the water (above photo).

3. Royal Lake f/8.0 Shutter Speed 1/160 ISO 200 Focal Length 24mm

4a. Royal Lake f/8.0 Shutter Speed 1/160 ISO 200 Focal Length 18mm

Which do you like better? The straight horizon line/diagonal tree above or the diagonal horizon/vertical tree below?

4b. Royal Lake f/8.0 Shutter Speed 1/200 ISO 200 Focal Length 18mm

5. Royal Lake f/8.0 Shutter Speed 1/250 ISO 200 Focal Length 18mm

Next time I'd probably try this shot with a higher shutter speed to get some of the water droplets in focus too.

 6. Portage & Main f/10.0 Shutter Speed 1/80 ISO 200 Focal Length 30mm

  7. Portage & Main f/5.6 Shutter Speed 1/80 ISO 200 Focal Length 45mm

 8. Emptyful, Centennial Library f/3.3 Shutter Speed 1/4000 ISO 200 Focal Length 60mm


  1. #1 and #8 are my favorites, both are nicely done. Both have so much going on but are so simple. Truly top drawer.

    In 4a vs 4b 4a wins my vote, but I do like a level horizon. (believe it or not... for those in the know I have a tendency accidentally go off level.)

    For me 5 is my least favorite. I don't know about the composition... I guess, for me the splash does not work. I know this was a key part of the shot for you but if this was either completely frozen or misty like in the "in motion" photos I think I might like it more.

    Great job!

  2. Corina, those first few photos just blew me away!! #1 is pretty damn amazing...the mist...the sunrise...the silhouette of the tree...the ripples in the water. It's just a fantastic photo!

    #2 is also very good. I love the shades of the water going from light to dark. I love the composition.

    Between 4a and 4b I like 4a better. In this case I do prefer the level horizon.

    I think Jason is right in his advice for #5. I can see what you were trying to achieve though!

    #6 is neat with the contrasting colors in the reflection.

    #8 is an interesting photo...I keep looking at it to try and figure it out. It's neat!

  3. For me it's #2 hands down. I love the composition and the deep dark shade of blue in the water (and the transition from light to dark), and the fog.

    #3 is close - I actually turned the laptop upside down to see if I could tell any difference and I couldn't really. It looks the same either way. Perfect reflection.

    I don't mind #5 as is actually. A longer shutter speed might cause the background to not be as crisp. And frozen water droplets wouldn't convey the idea of the speed of the boat as much, I don't think.

    I'm a bit confused by #8. Is the "reflection" part of the photo supposed to be "reflections" off the water droplets? Anyway, this is my least favourite. None of the droplets are perfectly crisp, so there's nothing in focus. Cool idea though.

    Good work overall, especially the Royal Lake photos. Top notch.

  4. thanks guys. I actually meant to retake photo #8 and maybe I still will. It's a close up of the new sculpture at the downtown library (Jay has a photo of it in his post). I was trying to get reflections in the water droplets. I know it's a bit fuzzy but I included it because I liked the shadow of the water stream on the sculpture. I've added more reflection photos to my picasa album here: You can see the full range of water droplet photos that I took. It was really windy that day. I think if I try again on a calm day this will work!