Sunday, September 30, 2012

Repetition & Pattern by Mike

When I think of repetition and pattern, I immediately think of music.  So, I started with a few musical instrument pictures.  In this shot of our piano keyboard, I like that one of the keys is a bit out of alignment, breaking the neat pattern.

#1 - our piano 1/60s f/3.5 ISO1600 50mm 
I think hands make nice subjects for pictures.

#2 - Sasha's hands playing piano 1/60s f/1.8 ISO800 50mm 

#3 - Ellie's hand & violin scroll 1/160s f/1.8 ISO400 50mm 

We're church shopping right now, and this bicycle wheel was in the window of one of the churches we visited, called "The Table".

#4 - bicycle wheel at "The Table" 1/640s f/1.8 ISO100 50mm 

This next one is perhaps a bit boring, but I like it for some reason.  I like how the spacing of the folds get closer and closer together as you go down.

#5 - window treatment in Karla's kitchen 1/160s f/4.0 ISO1600 50mm 

Fall is definitely here, which is a great time for taking pictures.

#6 - ivy in our backyard 1/80s f/9.0 ISO100 50mm 

#7 - fence in our backyard 1/400s f/5.0 ISO100 50mm 

#8 - Ellie raking in our backyard 1/80s f/2.2 ISO100 50mm 

Our trampoline netting is of course a pattern, so I tried to incorporate it into some pictures of the girls on the trampoline.  The first one is a bit subtle, as I blurred out the foreground netting a lot.

#9 - Ellie on trampoline in our backyard 1/400s f/4.5 ISO400 50mm 

#10 - Ellie's one-handed cartwheel on our trampoline 1/500s f/7.1 ISO400 50mm 

Hannah wasn't doing anything quite as exciting on the trampoline as a one-handed cartwheel...

#11 - Hannah on trampoline 1/80s f/3.5 ISO100 50mm 

King's Park near the University of Manitoba is absolutely stunning in the fall.

#12 - bridge in King's Park, Winnipeg 1/500s f/2.8 ISO200 50mm 
I realize now that I should have increased my f-stop and used a slower shutter speed for that one.  Not sure why I didn't.

#13 - bridge in King's Park 1/100s f/3.5 ISO400 50mm 

#14 - King's Park 1/80s f/3.2 ISO200 50mm   

#15 - Sasha in King's Park 1/160s f/2.0 ISO200 50mm 

Okay, that last one has nothing to do with repetition and pattern.  I just think Sasha's really cute, and the colours at the park were amazing.

Here are a few repetition and pattern pics that I took with my phone during my recent weekend trip to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings versus the 49ers (I didn't want to lug my big camera around).  I cropped the first one a bit to emphasize the repetition.

#16 - tailgating in downtown Minneapolis, MN  iPhone 4S

#17 - Mall of America Field (AKA Metrodome), Minneapolis  iPhone 4S

#18 - downtown Minneapolis, MN  iPhone 4S

#19 - hydraulic turbine in downtown Minneapolis, MN  iPhone 4S


  1. whoa! many pictures!

    The ones I think are the most successful are:
    1 & 2 I love the subject, the composition, the focus, all around like like like!
    3 I'm a sucker for macro and I like that the violin neck comes across the photo. I think the addition of human element (Ellie's hands) adds some interest.
    4 Again the use of macro, the interesting subject, I like how you cropped it, the lighting & colour is good.
    9 The subtle pattern adds interest to the portrait. Ellie, of course, is a beautiful subject...
    13 & 14 I love the colours in these photos.
    17 & 19 I like the composition but I would have liked to see them with your real camera not just your phone.

    I would have liked to have seen #5 taken from a different angle, not head on perhaps?? I too like the change in size of the repeated fold. And the photo of Sasha while extremely cute and well composed I thought was under exposed.

    It looks like you had fun with this assignment. Awesome shots!

  2. I like how the musician in you comes out in your photography. I never would have thought of that, but you are very right there Mike!

    #1 Is my favorite photo. I love the line of keys and how the one key stands out. Great choice to have that key at the centre of your focus.

    #3 is great. For my personal taste I think it's just a tad bit under exposed....but we all know I like to over expose. :P This photo would probably look great B & W. I think Karla should hang this one!

    I don't find #5 boring. It's very interesting with how the pattern gets smaller at the bottom. What would make it more interesting is if the blind was a vibrant color.

    #9 actually made me say 'HA! That's so cool!'. The pattern is not only on Ellie, but on the sky as well.

    #13 and #14 are beautiful, Mike! Fall is such a great time for photography.

    What a cutie in #15! Sasha, I love your grade 2 smile.

    I love the last four pictures. You shoulda brought your camera!! I think #19 is my favorite out of your mobile photos.

  3. #1 & #13 &17 are nicely done Mike. The piano seems to be everyones favorite. I like ho it is lit and the etherial effect the short depth of field has on this photo. (Odd, dont you think, that you chose to do the very thing in this photo that you find "annoying" in Corina's sneeker photo.)

    #13 is well done. Nice composition and perfect exposure. The texture of the wood and peeling paint adds texture and great visual interest. The fall foliage in the background is a nice touch too.

    #17 talk about pattern and reppition! it fits the assignment so well. (I hope your seats were good)

    other sucessfull shots are #9 and #19. I do like the "interfearance patern" of #9 is kinda cool, I actualy like your turbine photo.

    good work