Monday, September 10, 2012

Reflections by Jason

Reflections are tricky, you can focus on the surface or the reflection on it. exposures can also be tricky, especially if your surface is dark. This is what I have chosen.

#1. Royal Lake, f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1/100  ISO 200  Focal Length: 36mm

#2 Royal Lake 2, f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1/10  ISO 200  Focal Length: 26mm

#3 Royal Lake 3, f/8  Shutter Speed: 1/80  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

#4 St Mary Ave,  f/5.6  Shutter Speed:1/160  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

I like the fact you can see the lights inside the buildings in the next two pictures. 

#5 Broadway, f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1/125  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

#6 York Ave,  f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1/125  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

This shows reflections on, not of... I liked the pattern my first shot was out of focus so I went back the next day to shoot it again. I wanted to show reflections in a different way.

#7 MTS Center, f/5  Shutter Speed: 1/160  ISO 200  Focal Length: 34mm

The Millennium Library Park was a good locale. I had another pic that I liked of this pond where I focused on a patch of lily pads but I capped it at 2 photos.

#8 Millennium Library Park, f/4.2  Shutter Speed: 1/125  ISO 200  Focal Length: 24mm

#9 Millennium Library Park 2,  f/4.5  Shutter Speed: 1/640  ISO 200  Focal Length: 22mm

#10 Manitoba Hydro, f/3.5  Shutter Speed: 1/1250  ISO 200  Focal Length: 18mm


  1. I like the ripple in shot 2. The colours are rich and the composition interesting. It's probably my favourite of your reflection photos.

    The reflections of the windows on the brick (7) are a close second favourite. I love the different shapes that are cast onto the brick...that you can tell some are distinctly windows and others are more blob like.

    The colours in 8 are weird & washed out but I like it. The grasses look fluorescent.

    There's an overly blue cast to 9. Does that mean it's underexposed? Maybe slightly?

    The reflection in 10 is cool because it looks like you are seeing through the windows to see the blue checkered tower...not that 1/2 is a reflection.

  2. I like #1 a lot. I think the horizon is a bit crooked though. I'm weird about that though. So whatever. :P

    #2 is beautiful. The composition is interesting - Corina is right! I like it the more I look at it.

    #4 your timing was perfect to get the car's reflection Great shot! I may have cropped out the sign at the bottom.

    #8 stands out because the colors are so nice and vivid. It looks like you doctored the colors on it!

    #9 and #10 are great too. You have a good eye, Jason!

    #7 is my favorite. It's very creative. If I didn't know it was a reflection assignment I'd probably be very curious about what it is.

  3. I noticed the crooked horizon in #1 right away too - I'm picky like that too. Maybe get a tripod. I also use the dots/grid in my camera to make sure I'm as close to level as possible. Nevertheless, #1 is a beautiful photo. Love the fog.

    I like the contrast in the rock in #2. Interesting colours too. Very nice.

    I actually like #5 a lot, although it would be better if those electrical poles and wires weren't in the way, but I love the green and blue windows/panels (whatever they are). Kind of gives a digitized feel to the whole photo. Similar to #10 in that way.

    #7 has a very artistic feel to it. You could almost use it for this week's challenge too.

    I agree, #8 is weird and the grass almost looks fake. Looks like some kind of Instagram filter has been applied to it. Cool picture though.

    I think #10 is my personal favorite, and not just because it's the Manitoba Hydro building. It takes a second to realize that half the building is a reflection. I like optical illusions like that.

    Nice work this week Jay.