Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflections by Mike

Sorry, but I had to share this favourite photo of mine from our trip home from BC, which took us through Yellowstone National Park.  I jacked up the contrast and saturation levels to achieve what I think is a pretty cool effect.

#1 - Yellowstone National Park, USA  1/800s f/9.0 ISO400 46mm  
Here's the original photo:

We went to Grand Beach last weekend, so most of my reflection photos were taken there.  Here are a few sunglasses photos:

#2 - sand dunes @ Grand Beach, MB 1/500s f/20.0 ISO200 28mm 

#3 - Grand Beach, MB 1/400s f/5.6 ISO100 38mm 
#4 - Grand Beach, MB  1/250s f/5.6 ISO100 53mm 

I adjusted this next one to make it black & white (it was shot in colour but just looked much better in b&w).
#5 - Grand Beach, MB  1/250s f/16.0 ISO100 18mm 
These next two are typical landscape pictures with reflections off calm water.  Sasha and I had walked back to the entrance of Grand Beach (West Beach) to take these photos (I saw the potential as we drove in past these marshes and convinced her to walk back with me to get these photos).  Not as picturesque as Royal Lake, certainly, but you work with whatcha got.

#6 - Grand Beach, MB  1/160s f/11.0 ISO100 37mm 

#7 - Grand Beach, MB  1/125s f/16.0 ISO100 18mm 

When we walked back from the marsh to the beach, we walked through the parking lot and saw a shiny Harley Davidson motorcycle, with all its chrome, etc.  I was about to start taking some photos and the owner of the bike showed up, so I felt very rushed and only took two photos, neither of which were composed as well as they would have been had I had more time.  Here's the best of the two:

#8 - parking lot @ Grand Beach, MB  1/125s f/5.6 ISO400 24mm 

We saw this scene of a building at the University of Manitoba (not sure which building it is) reflecting off the Red River while driving home late from Winkler this weekend.  I dropped everyone off at home and went back to capture it:

#9 - St. Mary's Road near the Perimeter (Red River)  2s f/5.0 ISO1600 125mm  

Then, on the way home, I saw my opportunity for a dual reflection (literal and symbolic).  This photo shows the bright, neon lights of a local beauty spa reflected in the window of a high-end furniture and decor boutique, "reflecting" society's obsession with beauty and luxury/consumerism.  Pretty deep, eh?

#10 - Riel @ St. Mary's Road  0.6s f/9.0 ISO1600 49mm 


  1. 1, 7 & 9 are the strongers. Number 1 is, naturaly, nicer with the tweeks.

    The sunglass pics are are good except I don't know about #2. I like both of the lagoon pictures but it helps to get up at 7:00 AM to take lake pictures.

  2. I actually like 2 since the sun reflection looks like a twinkle is Sasha's eye. :D The photo is perhaps slightly under exposed. Also, since the background isn't overly attractive I would have played with depth of field and blurred the background.

    I think the composition of 3 is good but I wish your subject was more engaged in the process...just kidding...not really. and I might like to see the horizon in the reflection instead of the book...but hey you can't always have willing participants.

    I like the way you set up 7 so that the shoreline comes toward you along the right side of the photo. Nice colour, especially for a mid-day shot.

    9 is cool. I like the colour and the blurry reflection on the water and the composition. Perhaps a smaller aperture/greater DOF would have allowed a crisper image.

    10 is too deep man. way.

  3. #1 is a very nice shot, Mike! And yup, it looks a lot better with the edits.

    Corina is right, #2 is slightly under exposed. I also thought the sun reflection was a twinkle in her eye.

    #3 and #4....well, it's Karla!! What's not to like. And she looks incredibly engrossed in that book of hers. :)

    My favorite picture of yours is #5. It kept my interest for a long time. Seriously...I looked at it for a while. And then I went back to look at it some more. It has a vintage feel to it. I like the way the child's hands are lifted up in the air. I like the umbrellas that sorta pop out on the shore line. It's just a great photo. It probably wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if it had been in color! Funny how that works sometimes.

    # 6 and #7 are nice. I like #7 better. Perfect exposures on both. #9 is also a favorite. You city people are so lucky PFFT. And #10. That's super deep. Like. Whoa.