Friday, November 30, 2012

Negative Space by Lisa

#1.  I turned this photo to be vertical.  I think it looks better that way....more interesting.   I love the color contrast of this photo.  I also like the detail you can see in the leaf.
#2.  This shot was actually in bright daylight, but I underexposed the photo (aren't you proud?! You all know how I love to overexpose)   a lot and played around with it until I was happy with the amount the light bulb lit up the inside of the fixture.

#3.  This was taken on one of the last warm days of the year.  It was incredibly calm.  The sun was getting low in the sky.  This is a reflection shot from the pond in my parents' back yard.  I took SO many pictures that day, but this is my favorite.  I like the little ripple in the tree.  If it wasn't for that I think it would be hard to tell it was a reflection.

#4.   This is taken in my parent's sun room.  The sun had almost disappeared - you can see that in the bottom of the martini glass.  I like the way the screen looks through the glass - even through the stem.   aaaaand martini's are my favorite drink. :)
#5  I've been playing around with using the 'wrong' white balance and have come away with some great looking shots.  This photo and the one below haven't been edited at all.  I used tungsten for these so it makes the colors in the photo look very cool - as in cold, not cool as in cool dude.  I like this for winter photos.  What do you guys think? This photo is of the 'basket' at our community disc golf course.

Ok so that is the last photo for the "Negative Space" assignment.  I have a lot more ideas but I'm actually waiting for the weather to be right to try some things out. 
#6  This is another photo of a disc golf basket.  Different perspective....same tungsten white balance.
#7 This was taken after Frankie's blizzard hit.  The trees all had a lovely coating of ice on the branches.  Here I used the Tungsten white balance again.  And again, this photo has not been edited!  

#8.  I took this after I saw how the out of focus branches looked in other photos I had taken.   I used automatic white balance for this.   I overexposed this one to make it look a bit more 'shimmery'.   I also focused on the ground close to my feet, then repositioned the camera and took the shot.  I experimented with the focus and thought this one looked the best.  This one has a bit of editing.  I upped the contrast and added vignetting. 
 #9 More icy trees.  Here I used Automatic White Balance.  I took the light reading from the sky right beside the sun.  I played around with it a bit, but this exposure gave the look I was after.  I guess it's actually a silhouette.  I like how the sun makes the ice on the trees glow a bit. 

 I wanted to include a few of my favorite portraits as well.  I've been really busy taking photos of families and children.  I'd love your feedback.  The ones I've posted are my personal favorites!
#10  There is something so sweet about the look on her face...she almost looks a bit bashful to me. :)
#11  I like the strong b&w contrast on this one.  The color version looks entirely different.  I love her expression - the bangs, the mittens, the just all works together and makes a great picture!!
#12  These are my sweet nephews and niece - I like the love and glowiness of this photo.
#13 My goodness gracious me this was one cute baby!!  I bought this faux fur she's lying and a few other fabrics to try out specifically for this shoot, but I'm also wanting to have a few more 'props' like this for infant photography. 

#14 When Chris saw this photo it actually brought tears to his eyes.  It's his most favorite picture of Ruby.  Ever.  So of course that makes me feel successful! It's cool when you can evoke emotion for someone through a photo.  This was taken on that calm day when I did all those reflection shots.  The sun is reflecting in the pond behind Ruby. 

#15.  This little guy was a cute little chubbers.  I like the composition of this photo.  I also like the little bit of drool I caught mid-air.  One thing I wish I could go back and change is I wouldn't have used such a low aperture value.    His nose is a tad bit out of focus. 

#16.  This is the daughter of a very good friend of mine.  I love this photo because she has such a carefree look to her.  Her brother was being a goofball beside her and when she turned to the camera I quickly caught the moment!
#17.  I really enjoyed working with this couple.  They were goofing around with each other and were relaxed so I felt like I got a lot of good shots with true emotion and genuine smiles.