Monday, August 13, 2012

Silhouettes by Lisa

f/11  Shutter Speed: 1/800 ISO 200  Focal Length: 18mm

f/10  Shutter Speed: 1/2000 ISO 640 Focal Length 113mm

f/10  Shutter Speed:1/2000 ISO 640 Focal Length: 79mm

f/10  Shutter Speed: 1/400  ISO 640  Focal Length: 64mm

f/22   Shutter Speed: 1/6400  ISO:1250  Focal Length: 41mm
hmmmm not sure why I used such a high ISO? 

f/22   Shutter Speed: 1/6400  ISO: 1250  Focal Length: 33mm


  1. Very nice photos Lise - all of them, but I especially like the one of Jesse (or is it William) jumping in the culvert with his reflection in the water. Great location for getting good silhouettes - no light from the front. It's difficult to get pure silhouttes during mid-day unless you can find a subject like your tree where you're looking up at the sky (generally into the sun).

  2. I agree with Mike. The jumping kid (my guess is Bill) is a wonderful composition and subject. My only criticism would be that the background seems a bit overexposed while 1st photo in the culvert with the kid and fishing net (my guess in SnaxBeef) is perfectly exposed.

    Tree - I like the composition and the exposure.
    Kid 1 - all around great photo
    Wheat - was it windy? Maybe you were trying to use a high shutter speed? For a close up like that you could have used a larger aperture to increase the shutter speed. I like the photo and results though.

  3. Weird, I hadn't noticed the overexposure. It's such a great shot. It was probably caused by the slower shutter speed compared to the first one, which has perfect exposure. Now that I look again, even the second one is slightly overexposed (detail of the rock visible in the 1st is missing in the 2nd). I'm curious why you reduced your shutter speed for the jumping kid photo. I suppose it's still a fairly fast speed, so Bill is nice and sharp (no blur from his movement). I have more to say, but the girls want to play Sequence RIGHT NOW!

  4. The culvert pics are nice I don't even mind the bit of over exposer. silhouettes are, buy nature flat as are b & w. so it doesen't bother me but I don't mind "flat" photos.For mor demention the corect exposuer would elimate this.

  5. Also I'm not sure about seeing the sun on your grass pics. I find it distracting

  6. There were actually two culverts. The culvert shot of Bill (the B&W) required a slower shutter speed because there was less light coming into that one at the end. There was a bush at the end that blocked the light a bit. And I intentionally over exposed the background a bit just because I wanted all the focus on the silhouette.

    The difference between the first and second culvert shot (of Jesse) and why one is more exposed than the other is possibly because of some cloud coverage while I took the first one?