Monday, August 27, 2012

in motion by corina

#1 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg  f/10  Shutter Speed: 2s  ISO 200  Focal Length: 18mm

 #2 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg  f/10  Shutter Speed: 0.769231s??  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

I was trying my hand at panning with the above photo. It isn't my clearest photo of the evening but I like the colours and subject in this one best. I had a clearer photo but the car was a Pontiac Sunfire...nothing special and the lights weren't as fun as these.

 #3 English Garden, Assiniboine Park f/29  Shutter Speed: 1/4  ISO 200  Focal Length: 32mm

  #4 English Garden, Assiniboine Park f/22  Shutter Speed: 1/8  ISO 200  Focal Length: 26mm

The two photos above are using the zoom effect. I was a bit obsessive about getting at least one area in focus but I couldn't figure out how to do that.

 #5 Petroff's Cabin at Royal Lake f/4.5  Shutter Speed: 1/400  ISO 800  Focal Length: 60mm

I was at the cabin last week and there was no activity on the lake at all. It was difficult to find subjects that were interesting and also in motion. I probably took 40-50 photos of these humming birds to come away with 2-3 that I'm happy with. At one point the hummingbird was floating in front of me but he was so fast that I couldn't get a good shot.

#6 Legislative Grounds, Winnipeg  f/22  Shutter Speed: 1/3  ISO 200  Focal Length: 55mm

#7 Legislative Grounds, Winnipeg  f/32  Shutter Speed: 0.4s  ISO 200  Focal Length: 44mm


  1. now that I see the hummingbird photo online I'm not sure I like the colour. How could I make it less blue green tinged? without photo editing I mean...

  2. I think photo #1 & 2 are very strong. #1 is just so nice, great exposer great angle how the streak from the bus lines up with the Rice building, how is shows movement so well. top drawer, definitely! Contrast the perfection in # 1 to #2 and it is all the things #1 is not but it is just as strong. Sure it may be a bit over exposed, your pan was off but what it lacks in technical perfection it makes up for in charm! Very nice work.

    The zoom effect photo's work well I think the to achieve the perfect focus on the center using the AI Servo mode could help from what I understand of it. However I have no idea if our camera has this mode.

    I think tweaking the white balance would fix the blue-green tinge of your hummingbird. that or a different lens filter like a daylight or even polarizing filter can help that. or next time don't have trees in the background....=)

    I like the fountain I even like the doll floating in it. Whimsical... but I like whimsy.

    grade A+


  3. I was hoping the city people would do some night time traffic shots! I love it. #1 and #2 are my favorite, #2 being my favorite overall. I like the colors. I like it that you can see the driver very clearly. It's just a very neat looking photo!

    #6 is also a great photo. The doll in in the fountain adds some interest and made me say "HA!" out loud. :)

    Great work Corina!

  4. I would say playing around with the white balance would probably fix the blue-green tinge.

  5. Okay, Wow! #1 is masterful. Wicked good. And it's right outside my office building! The composition is what makes this photo so great. My favourite, hands down.

    I really like #2 as well. The yellow/red colour streaks from the Booster Juice behind the truck kind of match the truck colour streaks (yes, I recognize exactly where this was taken - it's the looking north across Portage, from right in front of my office building). Who knew such good subject matter was right outside the front door of my building?! I love he purple streak through there too. Great shot!

    #5 - sorry but I like my hummingbird shot better ;-) The hummingbird is a little lost in your shot - he (she?) sort of blends in with the background too much (I guess mine does a bit too, but I was lucky because mine had a dark head). I also think your shutter speed was a tad too fast. The whole bird, including the wings, are crisp. For "In Motion", I want the wings to be blurry but the body sharp, which you would have gotten with a slightly slower speed. I used 1/160s versus your 1/400s.

    I'd like to try the zoom effect some more. I never thought of using AI Servo mode to keep the centre in better focus while zooming out like Jason suggests. I'm not sure that it continues to focus even during the actual exposure. Maybe it does. If so, that would certainly could have helped make my shot of Ellie running a bit better.