Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silhouettes by Mike

Cultivator on Dave Penner's Farm  f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1/1250  ISO 200  Focal Length 25 mm
Cultivator on Dave Penner's Farm  f/25  Shutter speed: 1/160  ISO 200  Focal Length: 38 mm
Cultivator Blade @ Dave Penner's Farm  f/6.3  Shutter speed: 1/2500  ISO 200  Focal Length: 42 mm
Swather on Dave Penner's Farm  f/10  Shutter Speed: 1/320  ISO 200  Focal Length: 18 mm
Swather on Dave Penner's Farm  f/7.1  Shutter Speed 1/800  ISO 200  Focal Length: 24 mm
Dave Penner's Farm  f/5.6  Shutter Speed: 1/1250  ISO 200  Focal Length: 31 mm
Dave Penner's Farm  f/5.0  Shutter Speed: 1/200  ISO 400  Focal Length: 43 mm
Auger on Dave Penner's Farm  f/5.0  Shutter Speed: 1/500  ISO 400  Focal Length: 18 mm


  1. If you right click on the photo thumbnail in iPhoto an info box will pop up.

  2. blade silhouette - I like the subject & composition. well done asymmetric balance. the background is perfectly exposed.

    swather 1 - I like the colour and that you can see the shape of the swather in the foreground with the top being in silhouette.

    dave's farm 1 - I find the flowers a bit lost because of the action in the background. Would it have been possible to crouch down lower to do a macro of a flower or wheat silhoutte? Or if it was intended to be a skyline with wheat perhaps under expose the photo to black out the flowers and only silhouette the wheat? I wonder if the clouds would then make the sky too dark if under exposed...I had that trouble with some of my photos. I would try to make the subject darker but then because there were so many clouds the sky was too dark to make a nice silhouette.

  3. I really like the cultivator picture. The sky is a nice vivid blue. I like the composition as well. My favorite shot is the first swather picture. The colors are great. Love the sun peeking out a bit and the clouds look amazing. Very nice!

    I agree with Corina on the flower/wheat silhouette picture. Either shoot more of a close up picture of the wheat or I think I would have used a higher aperture to have a larger field of depth....so the entire scene would be in focus. I DO love the sky in the background!

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the focal lengths. I figured out how to get "more info" out of "Preview" on the MacBook Pro, including he exact focal length.

  5. Cultivator #3 & swather #1 are my pics. I like the graphic quality and simplicity if the cultivator pic, and i agree with Lisa on the swather #1 the splash of red in the midst of the silhouette is especially nice.

    as far as the pic of the flowers and grasses go it needs something. It is a little out of focus and probably to far away fro the subjest. I think to make this more successful more of a macro or close up shot would have served you better.

  6. I like the flower picture more now that I'm seeing it on a bigger desktop screen not my laptop.