Monday, August 27, 2012

In Motion by Lisa

This assignment was a lot of fun for me.  I'm hoping to post a few more photos this week.  I have a few more ideas I want to try out.  I liked playing around with the shutter speed to get more or less motion in the picture and also experimenting with the Al Servo mode, which I rarely use.   

 #1  Clear Lake, MB
Aperture f/22   Shutter Speed 1/13  ISO 100   Focal Length 18mm
This photo was a bit of an experiment that I've always wanted to try.  I've read about this technique but never have tried it.  As I was pushing the button to take the photo I zoomed out simultaneously to give the tree that effect.  I thought it turned out kinda neat!

 #2 Clear Lake, MB  Harley & the Boys
Aperture f/13  Shutter Speed  1/25  ISO 320  Focal Length 18mm
 #3 Clear Lake, MB  Bocce Ball
Aperture f/18   Shutter Speed 1/15   ISO 320   Focal Length 120mm
#4 Clear Lake, MB  Bill at work

Aperture f/18  Shutter Speed 1/20  ISO 320  Focal Length 28mm

Hopefully I'll post a few more this week!



  1. never heard of Al Servo mode. I'll comment more later today. At first glance - FUN!

  2. I like the exposure/colour saturation in all your photos. I think #3 the bocce ball is my favourite because the background looks like an impressionist painting and you really get the feel that the ball is rolling. Nice work Lise! xo

  3. I hadn't ever used AI Servo mode until this assignment. For this assignment I used it to take some pictures of model airplanes that people fly at that field just north of Winkler. I didn't get any really great photos though. Most of the planes are too small, and the sky was cloudless so the only time I got any real blur in the background was if the plane was landing or taking off. From what I understand AI Servo mode just means that the camera's auto focus is continuously adjusting so that if your subject moves, it stays in focus.

    At first glance I wasn't struck by #3, but the more I look at it, the more I love it. In fact, I think it's my favourite. The colours are great but what I really like is the linear blur from panning the camera combined with the varying rotational blur of the rolling ball. The parts of the ball further away from the axis of rotation have more blur because the tangential velociy is greater as you go further from the axis of rotation. I love that. It'd make a great photo to illustrate tangential velocity of rolling objects to 1st year engineering students. Maybe you don't want to hear that. ;-)

    #2 I find slightly overexposed. Maybe you could have used a faster film speed, especially since you were looking into the sun and the sun appears to be relatively high in the sky. I probably would have been using ISO100 in this situation. On the other hand, the slight overexposure does give the photo a feeling of brightness - you definitely get the feeling that it's a bright sunny day, great for running around outside with your dog.

    #4 is a fantastic shot. Bill's face is nicely in focus - you can see his happy grin. And his legs are all blurry, showing us that he's really moving! Awesome.

    1. Wow, you make #3 sounds so....technical! lol

  4. I agree with Mike #2 is a little overexposed. A good exposure was hard to get on this assignment. I kinda like a little bit under exposed. You get more saturated colours, but ren the risk or loosing detail n dark areas.

    It's unanimous, #3 is loved by all but I agree with Corina over Mike s to why I love it... Tangential velocity... really? ...sigh, I was thinking it shows drag coefficient well too! (just kidding Mike) It is cool that you can tell the outside of the ball spins faster in relation to the inside of the ball. But I love the fact it "looks like an impressionist painting"

    With #1 the zoom effect is good but it to is over exposed. Like I said hard to get a good exposer.

    All in all nice work Lisa.

  5. Thanks for the advice and comments! I have to admit i tend to over expose my photos....I think just because I think it looks better, but maybe that's not the case! I'll try under exposing a bit more in the future.