Tuesday, October 2, 2012

repetition & pattern by Lisa

1. The Buhler Centre  f/4 Shutter Speed 1/4000  ISO 125  Focal Length 24mm

 2. The Buhler Centre  f/5.6  Shutter Speed 1/2000  ISO 100  Focal Length 79mm

 3. The Buhler Centre  f/5.6  Shutter Speed 1/2500  ISO 100  Focal Length 75mm

 4.  Exchange District  (Uncle D's building)  f/5.6  Shutter Speed 1/1600  ISO 100  Focal Length 72mm

 5.  A shady back alley  f/4  Shutter Speed 1/250  ISO 100  50mm Lens

 6.  WAG entrance  f/5.6  Shutter Speed 1/250  ISO 1000  Focal Length 85mm
I thought this shot looked so much nicer B&W

 7.  Another shady back alley  f/4  Shutter Speed 1/250  ISO 100  Focal Length 18mm
I know we are shying away from editing, but when I saw this picture I knew that with some edits it would look so much more interesting.  I think so.

8.  Speedy's Cage  f/4  Shutter Speed 1/40  ISO 800  50mm lens
Not only are the bars on the cage repetitious, this guy's entire life is.  Run on wheel.  Drink water.  Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat.  
9.  Fence on Grandeur Avenue  f/1.4 Shutter Speed 1/400 ISO 250  50 mm Lens

aaaand a few more reflection shots!
10.  Fountain on Grandeur Avenue  f/4  Shutter Speed 1/800  ISO 250  50mm Lens
11.  Fountain on Grandeur Ave  f/4  Shutter Speed 1/640  ISO 250  50mm Lens


  1. I'd like the leaf floating in the fountain up on my wall. So good!

    I'm going to let someone else comment first on your post since I went first on Mike's...be back later...

  2. It's funny that you took some Buhler Centre photos - we were there last weekend and I had already finished my post, but thought there'd be some great opportunities for some pattern/repetition photos there. I was there with Karla and the girls (at Stella's Cafe), so I only had a few seconds to take some "snapshots" as we were leaving. I didn't get anything as good as your first three offerings here. #2 is my favourite of the bunch I think. The contrast is great with the building itself in relative shadow to the bright, decorative "fins".

    I really liked what you did with #7. It's definitely much more interesting after the edits. What did you all do to it? Looks like contrast was bumped way up, plus the saturation levels. Looks great. I love the result.

    I love the colours in #8. The purple at the top and little bit of red in the corner add so much to this photo. Great composition. This is probably my favourite of all your photos actually.

    #11 is a reflection AND a pattern shot (Jesse's shirt). Love it.

    1. I was actually bummin' around with Corina when we took the photos of the Buhler Centre. It's such a unique building - especially for this country gal! ;)

      For #7 I did up the contrast and vibrancy in the photo. I also added a strong vignette.

  3. Lisa you got so many good one to choose from... eeerm... in no particular order: #7, #2 and #6 are my most favorite of your collection. With #5 as a close runner up!

    I like the combination of the "fins" and the shadows on #2 works so well even though it is basically monochromatic it really works for me the others in the series are nice but #2 works best in my opinion.

    #6 is especially nice in B&W it looks like the production line for a crystal ball manufacturer. For me, it tells a story.

    I do like the tweaks on #7. I am a sucker for high contrast. I especially like the thin stripe of light in the door.

    #5 is also very nice as well. It seems you got so much out of such simple looking photographs. Nicely done Lisa.